About Lady Evelyn Independent School

Lady Evelyn Independent School is a complete interactive online Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form School. Students learn at their own computers with a headset and microphone and can interact directly with their teachers and fellow pupils. Classes are taught live, online, by expert teachers who have passion for their subjects and are dedicated to helping every student succeed.
You can expect everything from traditional brick and mortar schools and a lot more at Lady Evelyn Independent School. Students can study from anywhere in the world while having access to expert teachers teaching the British curriculum. Classes are conducted live by real teachers (not boring CDs) and students can interact with them directly during and after the classes.

Classes are also recorded so students can catch up on missed classes, brush up on subject matters they found difficult and use these recordings to revise for exams. There are many advantages of studying at Lady Evelyn Independent School. See this page for a more extensive list of advantages.
Students “attend” school just like any other traditional school but with one major difference: all classes are conducted online. The students do not need to travel to a regular brick and mortar school. They will simply log into the Lady Evelyn Independent School website portal at the time of their classes and begin their learning. The teachers teach live, using a virtual classroom which includes a whiteboard, a live video and audio feed of the teacher and a chat box. During the class, students can easily communicate with the teacher and each other through the chat box and their microphone, when required. Students submit their homework (and see their marked work) via the student portal. Everything is conducted online.

Using voice, text, whiteboard, notes, recordings, presentations and screen sharing, classes are much more engaging and interactive than at traditional schools. Students can be set tasks to work through specific exercises, share their work or demonstrate to the class. This allows every student the chance to directly and privately communicate with the teacher, so no one is ever left feeling missed out or left behind.
Classes are taught live, online, by expert teachers who have passion for their subjects and are dedicated to helping every student succeed.
While the Islamic Faith is at the centre of our ethos at Lady Evelyn Independent School, we welcome students of all faiths and of none, as well as students from all backgrounds.

Our aim is to offer a superb education for all.

We encourage tolerance and a genuine understanding of different faiths and beliefs. We expect all students to respect the multi-culturally diverse society in which they live.

We offer optional subjects related to the Islamic Faith such as Islamic Studies and Qur’an. From time to time, students will be required to attend assemblies in which matters such as kindness, being charitable and other faith topics will be discussed.
Online schooling falls under homeschooling in many countries (including the UK) and is a legal alternative to traditional brick and mortar schools.
Yes! The days of trying to explain to your school why you need a holiday on either this day or the next for Eid are gone!

At Lady Evelyn Independent School, we follow private and independent school conventions for the number of academic study weeks in each year. Because this gives us some flexibility, we have holidays that give us some spiritual time at the end of Ramadan and for Eid to spend time with family and friends. This year’s Academic Calendar can be found here.

Classes, Lessons and Tutorials

Yes. The classes are conducted live by real human teachers!
Yes! The classes are recorded and students can access the recordings for the subjects they are enrolled in. This is a huge advantage over traditional schools. For example, when a student has missed a class due to illness, he/she can catch up by watching the recordings. Also, when doing homework, sometimes a student may come to realise there was a topic he/she didn’t fully understand. Or maybe he/she wants to re-watch certain subjects during exam time to consolidate the learning. In all these cases, studying at Lady Evelyn Independent School gives a crucial edge over traditional brick and mortar schools.
Yes! You can see a sample history lesson by clicking here.
The main school timings are from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm London time. Most students, however, will be finished by 3:30pm and primary school students will normally be finished by 1:00 pm. (Actual times will depend on the timetable and which subjects the student has actually chosen.) Note that students will not be studying throughout the day. Students are only expected to log on and be at their computer during class time. They will have free periods when they can do their homework, revise or simply take a break! A 2015 OECD study “How Much Time Do Teachers Spend on Teaching and Non-teaching Activities?” found that on average across countries, teachers in traditional schools spend half of their working time in non-teaching activities.
If a student is unable to attend a live class, his/her parent/guardian must inform the school via the Parent Portal for it to be marked as an Authorised Absence. If this is not done, it will be marked as an Un-authorised Absence and will be recorded in the student’s file. In both cases, students are expected to watch the recording of the live class and submit the relevant homework on time.
Students are arranged into class tutor groups of up to a maximum of 19 pupils. At secondary school level, classes are of two types: Lessons and Tutorials. In Lessons, lead teachers teach new subject matter to students in larger groups at the same time. Tutorials are conducted in smaller groups where there are class discussions, exercises, etc. to consolidate understanding of the new subject matter.
Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised, and more optimistic. Every student will have PE once or twice per week.

Curricula and Exams

At Lady Evelyn Independent School, we teach the English National Curriculum:
  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 4 (International GCSEs); and
  • Key Stage 5 (A Levels)
International GCSEs are globally recognised qualifications and are very similar to GCSEs (which are only recognised in the UK). IGCSEs do not usually involve any coursework as they are internationally focussed.
Advanced Level qualifications (A Level) are subject-based qualifications that can lead to university, further study, training, or work. Students normally study three or more A levels over two years. Top universities in the UK and around the world require students to have studied A Levels.
Yes! The IGCSEs we teach are accepted by colleges and universities in the UK and around the world. If you want to be certain that you can get onto your chosen college or university course, we would recommend that you check with their Admissions team.
Yes! The A Levels we teach are the same as those in any other sixth form or college in the UK and are recognised by universities in the UK and around the world.
The exam boards may change depending on the subject but, in general, we use EdExcel or Cambridge.
Students sit their formal exams in local examination centres, closest to them. There are thousands of examination centres in the UK and across the world. Usually, secondary schools accept Lady Evelyn Independent School candidates. If you need help in finding a local examination centre, get in touch with us and we’ll help.
Yes. The students may take exams a year early (or even earlier) if they are ready.
We have a core number of subjects depending on the academic level of the student. However, students may take as many or as few subjects as they like.
All homework is submitted online, via the Student Portal. They are also marked online and students will receive their grading in the Student Portal too.


The enrolment process is easy. Simply head over to this page and fill in the form. A registration fee of £50 is payable with the application. Then, once accepted, the Academic Deposit is paid along with the Fees. You can view all the Fees by clicking here.
Students can enrol from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. We follow the English National Curriculum and both International and British Students can benefit from our high standards of teaching as well as gain globally recognised IGCSE and A Level qualifications.
Our extremely competitive Independent School fees can be viewed by clicking here.
Yes. You can pay annually or per term. In some circumstances we also allow monthly payments over 10 months. You can see the details by clicking here.
Yes. We offer a 5% discount on the lowest fee for siblings who are currently studying at the school.
The only requirement is that the student is fluent in English.
You can see all the technical requirements by clicking here.
We cater for students 8 years old and above.
Yes. We accept both boys and girls at Lady Evelyn Independent School.
Once, a student has been enrolled at Lady Evelyn Independent School, closer to the start of the academic year, we will send a list of books to be purchased for each subject along with links from websites and bookstores from where they may be bought. The actual books will vary, depending on which year group the student is in and, if applicable, which subjects he/she has chosen.
The Academic Calendar details the term dates and the holidays. You can see the Academic Calendar by clicking here.

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    Download our Lady Evelyn Independent School Prospectus for the Academic Year 2020-2021 for Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form levels.




    Download our Lady Evelyn Independent School Prospectus for the Academic Year 2020-2021 for Primary, Secondary and Sixth Form levels.